Seeing Stars

Have you ever wondered how a vehicle ends up with a five-star safety rating? Calspan performs crash tests for the U.S. Department of Transportation which determine the ratings.

Get a Grip

Calspan's is known the world over for its unrivaled tire test capability. Our machine can handle all types of tires, including truck, passenger, utility, race and even aircraft tires.

On Your Side

Calspan's sled laboratory features a fixture which allows manufacturers to simulate side impact crash events to gather data and improve the safety of their products.

Anywhere in 48 Hours

Calspan's Gulfstream G-III testbed delivers impressive range and capability and features several modifications to allow you to evaluate products and solutions.

Small Overlap Crash Test

Calspan is a leader in small overlap crash test procedures, and has extensive experience with THOR.

Tunnel Vision

A fluorescent oil flow visualization of an F-35 aircraft model in Calspan's transonic wind tunnel.

Look Ma, No Hands

One of Calspan's variable stability Learjets holds precise position without pilot inputs while testing autonomous air refueling algorithms.

Perimeter Barrier Test

A 15,000 pound truck traveling at 50 MPH impacts a shallow-mount bollard system at Calspan's barrier test facility.

Fast Mover

An aircraft model is evaluated in Calspan's transonic wind tunnel. Calspan is also a leader in weapons separation testing.

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