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Advanced Flight Training

The Calspan name has become synonymous with world-class flight training in many circles, including test pilot and engineer education, Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT), and Pilot-Induced Oscillation (PIO) training. We have teamed with a variety of well-respected aerospace organizations to provide the highest level of advanced flight training and aerospace education including six of the seven Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) recognized test pilot schools around the world. Some of Calspan’s prominent collaborators include:

In-Flight Training Services + Capabilities

The Calspan Advanced Flight Training team has trained thousands of military and commercial pilots within the U.S. and internationally. At the core of our advanced flight training are four Learjet In-Flight Simulators (IFS) flown by experienced former U.S. military test pilots. These aircraft are modified with a programmable Fly-by-Wire Flight Control System to allow for the demonstration of a variety of aircraft flying quality characteristics and PIO triggers. We also program the initial failures or atmospheric encounters that lead to aircraft upsets as part of our UPRT program.

Our Services

The three advanced training courses we offer are:


Typical Training Day

Our Abilities

  • All our flight training pilots are U.S. Air Force or Naval Test Pilot School graduates with many years of operational and experimental flight test experience.
  • An on-board safety pilot monitors aircraft response and is ready to take control at the push of a button.
  • An automatic safety trip system monitors aircraft limits to prevent excursions outside the FAA certified flight envelope.

Meet the Leaders of the In-Flight Training Team


We use innovation, creative engineering, and insightful expertise to help guide projects to success, based on a simple premise: following industry best practices, partnering and collaborating with customers, and using a process of continuous improvement. To learn more about the leaders of the In-Flight Training team, select any of the names below.