ATD Certification & Calibration

Quality Crash Test Data

Calspan supports the industry’s innovators by offering transducer calibration and anthropomorphic test device (ATD) certification, or qualification test services.

From decades of executing crash test programs for NHTSA, automotive OEMs, and child seat manufacturers, Calspan has the firsthand knowledge and therefore fully understands the importance of certification and calibration. Through our meticulous approach, we consistently achieve impeccable test results.

This is extremely important as the sensors and equipment used in crash testing must be properly maintained and calibrated to acquire quality test data. Quality is essential when conducting tests on prototypes and tests of a destructive nature as they can’t be easily repeated. Just as critical is responsiveness, quickly turning around certifications and calibrations so that vital test schedules are not impacted.

ATD Certification & Calibration Services & Capabilities

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality test data, Calspan's ATD & Instrumentation Lab is tasked with the important responsibility of maintaining and calibrating sensors and equipment as well as overseeing crash dummy certifications.


Calspan’s fully equipped and dedicated lab is staffed with professionals experienced in maintaining and certifying crash test dummies. These include:

  • CRABI 12 month
  • Hybrid III (HIII), three year olds, six year olds, ten year olds,
  • Hybrid III (HIII) 5th percentile females, 50th percentile males and 95th percentile males.
  • DOT SID, ES-2re, SID-IIs,
  • P-dummies, Newborn, 9 month old, 1.5 year old, 3 year old, 6 year old, 10 year old
  • Q3S

Calspan also has the knowledge, fixtures and probes to certify the most current:

  • THOR-M
  • THOR Mod Kit with SD-3 shoulders
  • Lx-Legs

Calspan will also house, maintain and certify a customer’s crash test dummies for immediate and convenient use in support of such customer’s testing at Calspan.

Meet The Leaders Of Our Certification & Calibration Team

Calspan’s certification and calibration team uses innovation, creative engineering and insightful expertise to ensure customers receive high-quality test results. Read Matthew’s full bio by clicking on his name below.