Cable Fabrication & Repair Service

Cabling Fabrication & Repair

When customers have crash test instrumentation needing connectors installed or cabling needing repair, Calspan is up to the task. Our innovative, experienced staff will fabricate cables to customer specifications, whether we’re asked to attach, repair or replace connectors to the end of sensor wiring, or repair damaged cabling.

Cabling Fabrication & Repair Capabilities/Features

Calspan offers an expeditious, quality, innovative cable fabrication and repair service. Our dedicated lab is fully equipped and staffed with professionals whose experience is a result of their hard work and dedication to supporting the needs of Calspan’s Automotive Crash Test and Sled departments.

Customer Benefits

Calspan customers that engage our expertise in Cabling Fabrication & Repair receive innumerable benefits, including:

  • Working with a skilled, experienced team that has the ability to both fabricate custom cables and repair damaged cables.
  • Knowing their tests will not be held up, since fabrication and repairs occur on a timely basis.
  • Being secure in the knowledge that our team is flexible and accommodating with respect to last-minute needs.

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