Crash Testing Laboratory

Automotive Safety Testing

Calspan’s crash testing facilities include a test track, indoor/outdoor full vehicle crash lab, a HYGE pneumatic sled, ATD calibration lab, and vehicle preparation bays. As an independent vehicle test facility, Calspan provides customers with crash testing, component testing, validation, crash dummy lab services and rentals, customized test procedures, and engineering services.

Calspan has extensive experience providing passive safety test services for OEMs, first tier suppliers, government agencies, and manufacturers around the world. We supply our customers with the knowledge and equipment needed to perform tests, while also providing a unique customer experience.

Our crash lab capabilities include:

  • Vehicle into Vehicle
  • Vehicle into Barrier
  • Moving Barrier into Vehicle
  • Vehicle into Pole
  • Pole into Vehicle
  • Vehicle into Road Furniture

Our new facility uses in-ground tracks powered by electric motors to provide the most reliable test results available. Our cutting-edge equipment offers better data, higher quality video, and less down time when compared to other labs.

Automotive Safety Testing Services + Capabilities

Calspan's automotive testing services are focused on supporting the test and evaluation needs of the automotive industry. These types of test services include:

We stand with our customers for every step:

  • We guarantee our services, if we are responsible for the loss of critical data, we will retest the vehicle at a reduced or eliminated expense to the customer.
  • We provide our customers with access to vehicles and our staff before and after the test
  • We provide timely services; if a car is sent to us, we will test it within three business days
  • We make capital investments to support our customers
  • We maintain partnerships and relationships with international regulatory bodies (Euro NCAP, IIHS, Latin NCAP, NHTSA)
  • We handle logistics for you


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Meet the Leaders of the Auto Safety Testing Team

Our success is based on a simple premise: we document our learning’s, follow industry best practices and partner and collaborate with our customers. To learn more about us select anyone of the below names.