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Automotive Safety Testing

Calspan is an independent test laboratory that supports automotive industry innovators in areas of Passive Safety and Crash Avoidance testing. Passive Safety is when a crash is inevitable and the automobile’s structure and restraint systems are called upon to protect occupants from injury. Crash Avoidance is when crashes are prevented by an action taken by the automobile. We utilize our expertise in the areas of research, product development, and regulation compliance to conduct body-in-white testing on a sled, full vehicle crash testing, vehicle performance evaluations on a test track and much more.

Calspan is excited to announce that it has acquired another THOR; which is owned by Calspan.

2 Calspan THORs

THOR is one of the world’s most advanced crash test dummies. If you are an OEM or 1st Tier supplier, worrying about how to run tests with THOR, how to position THOR, process its data, up against tight development schedules, etc. … stop worrying and put your mind at ease. Let Calspan handle the testing for you!

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Automotive Safety Testing Services + Capabilities

Calspan's automotive testing services are focused on supporting the test and evaluation needs of the automotive industry. These types of test services include:


Our Approach

We conduct tests as if we were running the test for ourselves. Through proper upfront planning, program management, attention to detail and flawless execution, we produce quality data in a timely fashion. To support testing, Calspan has the ability to:

  • Execute crash tests both indoors and outdoors.
  • Conduct crash tests on alternative fuel vehicles like CNG, Hybrid and Full Battery.
  • Perform vehicle modifications in house, before and during a test.
  • Carry out crash tests using Calspan owned ATDs.
  • Capture the crash event using 21 high speed cameras.
  • Collect over 396 channels of data.
  • Remotely fire 20 airbag channels.
  • Rent or borrow specialized equipment should a need arise.
  • Design and fabricate test fixtures and equipment.
  • Create custom test reports and data in a customer’s specific/native format.
  • Call in other engineering disciplines from in house should a special need arise.
  • Call on our established contacts within NHTSA from our 36 year relationship

Meet the Leaders of the Auto Safety Testing Team

Our success is based on a simple premise: we document our learning’s, follow industry best practices and partner and collaborate with our customers. To learn more about us select anyone of the below names.