New Car Assessment Program Vehicle Crash Tests

NCAP Crash Tests

Calspan has been executing U.S. New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) vehicle crash tests for the National Highway Traffic & Safety Administration (NHTSA) since the program’s inception in 1979. This honor has been bestowed upon Calspan due to our ability to consistently follow established test protocols and produce quality test data.

Calspan is a NHTSA-approved NCAP laboratory, with extensive experience executing three specific tests:

Frontal Impact Tests. A Hybrid III 50th percentile male is placed in the driver’s seat and a Hybrid III 5th percentile female is placed in the front passenger seat. The vehicle is then towed into a flat frontal load cell barrier at 56 km/h.

Side Impact Rigid Pole Tests. The vehicle is placed on a “flying floor,” and a SID IIs is positioned in the driver’s seat. The floor is then towed at 32 km/h and the vehicle is allowed to freely slide into a rigid 254 mm pole.

Side Impact Moving Deformable Barrier Tests. An ES-2re is placed in the driver’s seat and a SID IIs is positioned in the left rear passenger seat. The test vehicle is placed at 27 degrees and impacted by a moving deformable barrier with crabbed wheels traveling at 62 km/h, yielding a perpendicular speed of 55 km/h.

NCAP Capabilities/Features

Calspan has the required expertise, facilities and test equipment to execute quality tests to the latest NHTSA Laboratory Test Procedures for the New Car Assessment Program. We routinely execute NCAP Crash Tests for vehicle manufacturers to verify performance. Since Calspan is an approved NHTSA NCAP test laboratory, we stay up-to-date on the latest NCAP developments and fully comprehend the associated official test protocols.

Customer Benefits

Calspan customers that engage our expertise in New Car Assessment Program Crash Tests receive innumerable benefits, including our ability to:

  • Create custom reports and data formats.
  • Offer value in the form of speed, agility and flexibility.
  • Provide data immediately after tests are concluded.
  • Offer an interactive process from project inception through completion.

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About the NCAP

The New Car Assessment Program is managed by the U.S. Department of Transportation's NHTSA. For this program, independent test labs [Calspan] are awarded contracts to execute unbiased crash tests. The data from these tests is posted on the website to help the general public stay informed about a particular vehicle's safety rating to these standards.

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