Auto Crash Investigations and Research Services

Crash Research & Investigations

Calspan has been in the business of supporting the U.S. government with unbiased crash investigations and research since the 1970s. Governmental statistical analysis programs such as the National Automotive Sampling Survey (NASS) and many other special studies rely on Calspan’s dedicated and seasoned staff to produce timely and accurate real-world crash research.

Crash Research & Investigations Services Capabilities

Calspan draws from over 35 years of experience to perform crash investigations, determine accident causation, analyze pre-crash causal factors and more. Our work includes data collection and analysis to support government and private sector research in the following areas:

With over 35 years of crash research and special studies experience, Calspan conducts unbiased in-the-field data gathering, research, and reconstruction tests, and provides automotive-related safety awareness training.

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Meet The Crash Research & Investigations Team

Calspan’s Crash Research & Investigations team relies on accepted practices, strict adherence to protocol, advanced technological tools, and expertise in working with police and medical personnel to obtain data for our research projects. Read full bios by clicking on the names below.