Dynamic Sled Testing of Occupant Restraint Systems

Testing of Adult and Child Safety Restraint Systems

When it comes to occupant protection and the associated restraint systems, whether it’s within an automobile, aircraft or any other form of transportation, physical testing on a sled is still the go-to-method for evaluation. It can be used to evaluate anything from the performance of a seat and the associated restraint to the effect of the occupant compartment including its cargo on occupants’ safety. This form of testing is considered a best practice with respect to demonstrating a product’s compliance with a standard.

At Calspan, we use a 12” HYGE impact simulator sled to simulate crash events. For this type of testing, fixtures are attached to a carriage that rides on a set of rails. These fixtures, which are used in conjunction with the product being tested, may be an automobile’s body (commonly referred to as a Body-In-White), automotive seats or benches built to a standard for the evaluation of child restraint systems (i.e., child car seats).

Occupant Protection Testing Capabilities + Benefits

Calspan has a 12” HYGE sled designed to simulate the effects of a collision in an acceleration mode. Its maximum force/load pressure is 225,000 lb-f and its maximum payload is 5,000 lb. (2,268 kg), which enables Calspan to test everything from passenger cars to fully equipped truck cabins.

Our Abilities

Calspan uses the latest and ruggedized transducers, data acquisition systems, and high-speed video cameras to ensure quality test results. The types of test services we offer to innovators within the transportation industry include:

  • Child Safety Restraints
    • FMVSS 213
    • CMVSS 213
    • ECE R44
    • Side Impact
  • Juvenile Accessory Product Testing
  • Aircraft Seats
  • Automotive Seats
  • Pet Safety Testing
  • Custom Test Programs

Meet the Team Leaders

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