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Subsonic/Transonic Wind Tunnel

Calspan customers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of testing in North America's only independently-owned and operated wind tunnel.

Aircraft Maintenance & Modifications

Whether the mission requires simple or complex aircraft modifications, Calspan's industry-leading expertise ensures your program's success.

Flight Testing

Our fleet of fully modified airborne testbeds are uniquely configured to verify and validate experimental and prototype components and systems.

Aerospace Design & Fabrication

Our experienced engineering and systems design team provides our customers with the solutions for the most challenging programs.

Test Cells

Since 1967, Calspan ASE has been a proven leader in the design, construction, and support of engine test facilities for all engine types across the product lifecycle.

Wind Tunnel

Calspan ASE is the world's premier supplier of wind tunnel facilities, components, and test services to organizations in government, industry, and academia.


Renowned for producing highly accurate test data, our laboratory helps major OEMs verify and improve their designs through expert support in critical areas.


We stand with our customers by continuing to support the facilities we design and build long after project completion.  

Automotive Safety Testing

Our experts conduct full vehicle crash testing to unique specifications and government standards in the most modern and secure facility in North America.

Tire Performance Testing

Home to the most powerful flat track tire testing machine and expert engineers that support tire and vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Dynamic Sled

Our non-destructive crash testing sled lab performs testing of child and adult safety restraints, ambulance, automotive and aircraft seats, and vehicle accessories.

Barrier Certification Testing

With a turnkey solution at our independent lab, we have the capability, experience and facility to test barrier or bollard system to any specific test standard worldwide.

Calspan Book2

Testing The Future | By Louis H. Knotts

A celebration of the talented men and women of Calspan, who have worked for three-quarters of a century to ensure a safer and better world. Their persistent efforts and unprecedented achievements in testing the possibilities and limits of technology has transformed how we live today – and how we will live tomorrow.

This book captures the extraordinary breadth and essence of this Buffalo, New York-based organization by examining a sampling of important and interesting projects that have originated here during the past eight decades. >

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At Calspan, the fabric of our company culture is reflected in our three company values: Be Inclusive, Be Accountable and Be Innovative. Our employees understand what is expected of them and focus on achieving individual goals and facilitating team success. We work hard, and once we’ve achieved our goal, we also celebrate success.

We're looking for talented, multi-disciplined and collaborative individuals who have the unique combination of technical expertise and practical industry experience to join our team.

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