Calspan Awarded Vista Contract

Calspan Awarded Vista Contract

Calspan Corp. was awarded a two-year, $6.2M contract for continued maintenance and operation of the Air Force’s Vista F-16 aircraft.

Calspan has been involved with the VISTA/NF-16D since its inception in the 1980’s. The VISTA/NF-16D aircraft provides a flight research testbed with in-flight simulation capabilities for high-performance manned aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles and is also used to demonstrate advanced flight control concepts to test pilots and engineers.

The fight research capability is provided by the many on-board systems that are unique to the VISTA flight testbed including: fully programmable flight control and avionics computer systems, fully programmable variable centerstick and sidestick control systems, a fully programmable Head-Up Display and a state of the Data Acquisition and Telemetry System.

The VISTA is also the premier in-flight simulation aircraft for high-performance aircraft. Calspan provides piloting, engineering, and maintenance support for this uniquely-capable aircraft.

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