Calspan Expands Barrier Testing Capability

Calspan Expands Barrier Testing Capability

Calspan has become certified to test for IWA-14 and PAS68, creating the ability for domestic companies to test locally and sell barriers overseas.

Calspan is pleased to announce the recent certification of its crash barrier testing facility for PAS68 and IWA-14 standards. Primarily used in European markets, the PAS68 was developed by the British Standards Institute. The IWA-14 was created in 2014 to unify the ASTM and PAS impact test standards.

This new certification stands to benefit domestic organizations that sell barriers in European markets. Companies can design, build, test, and certify barriers before incurring the extreme expense of shipping an untested barrier overseas.

Security Barrier TestingWith the increased number of vehicular attacks on large crowds of innocent civilians there is a growing demand for mobile vehicle security barriers. The products are deployed at festivals and concerts to prevent terrorists from using trucks to attack large crowds. In alignment with Calspan’s mission statement, Safer Highways…Safer Skies, we are proud to help test and certify the performance of these vehicle security barriers.” stated Greg Campbell, Vice President, Transportation Research at Calspan.

Calspan has been certified to conduct ASTM 2656 testing for over 10 years, the product certification capabilities recently obtained further illuminate the standard of excellence commonly exhibited by Calspan’s Transportation testing teams. Adding this new capability further enhances the services offered to customers both internationally and domestically. Vehicle Security Barrier certification testing for most major world-wide markets can now be accomplished at one place. Certifying Vehicle Security Barriers domestically results in much lower costs, as the transportation costs associated with testing at international facilities can be prohibitive.

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