Calspan in the Community: Test Pilot Presents at Annual Scientific Meeting

Calspan in the Community: Test Pilot Presents at Annual Scientific Meeting

At Calspan, we encourage and support our employees on their personal and professional development, as well as community involvement as part of our #BeCalspan Talent Brand.

Recently, Calspan test pilot, Jameel Janjua was invited to speak at the International Lecture Speaker at the Trauma Association of Canada’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Calgary, Canada. Although it might seem rather unique to have one of our test pilots speaking at an event for trauma professionals, Jameel used the opportunity to highlight some of the key principles that Calspan’s Flight research endeavors rely on. Jameel used examples from his extensive background as a military fighter pilot and test pilot to draw parallels between the high-stakes domains of flight research and critical patient care.

Calspan values the innovative approaches required to test new systems in aerospace, including the NF-16D VISTA aircraft that Jameel flies at Edwards Air Force Base, but also stresses a methodical and safe approach to problem-solving. These underpinnings ensure that we can learn lessons in a safe manner and apply them to future programs.

Some of the concepts that Jameel focused on included the use of simulation to reduce risk; effective briefing and debriefing strategies; and, empowering all team members, regardless of position or experience, to speak up if they sense that something is not going according to plan and they identify unmitigated risks. Calspan is proud to support efforts to identify areas of crossover between flight research and other fields. This allows us to bring our extensive expertise, accumulated through decades of safely testing unique aircraft and systems, to the forefront and to help improve outcomes in a diverse range of scientific pursuits.

Calspan is synonymous with world-class flight training.

Having trained the majority of the worlds test pilots by collaborating with such organizations as NASA, the FAA, as well as national and international test pilot schools around the world. At the core of our advanced flight training are four Learjet In-Flight Simulators (IFS) flown by experienced former U.S. military test pilots. These aircraft are modified with a programmable Fly-by-Wire Flight Control System to allow for the demonstration of a variety of aircraft flying quality characteristics and Pilot Induced Oscillation (PIO) triggers.
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