Calspan Expert to Present at the Tire Society Conference

Calspan Expert to Present at the Tire Society Conference

On September 11-12, 2018, Calspan will once again participate as a presenter at the Tire Society’s Conference on Tire Science and Technology in Akron, OH. In the presentation “The Effects of Different Tire Operating Conditions on Transient Lateral Tire Response”, which discusses recent work carried out at Calspan, new insights on how effects such as velocity and temperature affects the dynamic lateral response of a tire will be presented.

Calspan is home to the world’s most powerful flat track tire testing machine. Together with its highly experienced team, Calspan’s tire research facility helps innovators measure and understand tire performance and characteristics for all types of tires, including those used on automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and aircraft.

Henning Olsson, Director at Calspan’s Tire Testing and Research Facility, and co-author of the study comments on the findings: “Thanks to new instrumentation developed at Calspan, we can now measure and characterize the relaxation length of a tire with much greater fidelity than in the past. This type of data is highly sought after as vehicle manufacturers are constantly improving the accuracy and complexity of their simulation.” Henning Olsson also attributes the interest in this data to new engineering tools being used in the vehicle development process: “In recent years, the adoption of Driver-In-the-Loop simulators has increased the need to characterize these transient effects to improve the vehicle and steering feel for the driver in the simulator”.

You can attend the presentation at 9:50 AM on September 11th. For more information about the conference and to sign up, please visit the Tire Society Conference website.

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