Calspan to Exhibit at AHS Forum 74

Calspan to Exhibit at AHS Forum 74

Booth 617

AHS International’s 74th Annual Forum & Technology Display is the world’s leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. The three-day meeting will include over 250 technical papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems, as well as dozens of invited presentations and discussions by leaders in the military, government agencies and industry. Calspan is exhibiting to showcase our capabilities in support of the rotorcraft industry.

Calspan is an industry leader in the engineering and manufacture of complex aerospace hardware and prototype systems for ground test and flight applications.

The four primary business areas we serve for aerospace hardware and prototype systems are:

Test Equipment and Systems, including prototype and test hardware, for rotary wing aircraft, fixed wing aircraft, and missiles

Force Measurement Systems which includes the design and fabrication of precision balances for wind tunnel testing

Propulsion Systems with design and fabrication of turbomachinery test rigs and components for fans, compressors, turbines and combustors

Marine Systems providing a multitude of different prototype components and systems to aid in product development

Calspan, a worldwide leader in the development of wind tunnel helicopter and Vertical Take-off and Landings (VTOL) systems, offers customers a total solution for research, design, and fabrication of components.

Over our rich history in prototype production and testing, we have developed and implemented unique fabrication methodologies such as core forming and machining, giving us the ability to fabricate complex composite structures. Building your components at the facility that crafts your prototypes minimizes production variables, and often can decrease production time.

As a total service provider, we can assist in the design and fabrication of rotor test systems, and wind tunnel models, and provide assistance in testing those components with access to a transonic wind tunnel and precision balances.

To learn more about Calspan and our capabilities, visit booth 617 in the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ. May 14-17, 2018.

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