Calspan to participate in NUAIR panel at AUVSI XPONENTIAL

Calspan to participate in NUAIR panel at AUVSI XPONENTIAL

Calspan’s Senior Director of Flight Operations & UAV pilot, Paul Deppe will be participating as a panelist in the 2018 AUVSI XPONENTIAL Conference. AUVSI XPONENTIAL is made up of a comprehensive trade show for unmanned systems and robotics, as well as presentations and panel discussions from the industries emerging leaders. More than 8,500 industry leaders and UAV users across will gather to learn the latest on policy, business practices, and cutting edge technology.

Deppe is representing Calspan on a panel with other member organizations of NUAIR Alliance (Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance), discussing the NUSTAR (National Unmanned Aerial Systems Standardized Testing and Rating) facility. The center plans to offer independent performance and safety benchmark testing for UAV and UAV-related products, helping draw industries involved in the production and use of unmanned aircraft vehicles to Central New York. The results of such testing will be used to establish performance based standards for unmanned systems operating in the National Airspace System.

Calspan, a leader in aviation since 1945, is pioneering fixed-wing UAV technology and revolutionizing the aerial survey and mapping industry. Calspan operates with a Penguin-C, capable of 20+ hours of flight time, and has been modified to house a modular payload to easily load and unload technology used for aerial mapping. Calspan UAV Services are backed by industry professionals, including FAA licensed professional pilots with a wealth of combined manned and unmanned flight experience, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists, and support staff. Using a web-based interface for data share, clients can log in and securely view the results of a flight. Data can be delivered in a variety of georeferenced formats including orthomosaic, 3D mesh, digital elevation models (DEM), ESRI shape files, or client-specific formats. Headquartered in Niagara Falls, NY Calspan’s nimble UAV systems management team can easily bring its operations throughout New York and contiguous states.

The presentation during AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2018 takes place Monday, April 30th from 2:15 pm-3:45 pm MDT, in rooms 401/402 at the Colorado Convention Center. To learn more about Calspan’s UAV operations, visit

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