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Safer UAV operations
UAV operations within the United States are growing at a rate fairly accurately forecasted by the FAA. Seven million UAVs are expected to be in circulation by 2020, according to estimates by the FAA. In 2016 alone over 110,000 UAVs were sold for commercial use, and in 2017 that number is expected to grow close to 180,000. Goldman Sachs is . . .
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Adding another aircraft to an ever-growing fleet allows Calspan to better address the needs of an evolving customer base. Multi-point data collection creates incredible detail Buffalo, New York – October 31, 2017 – Calspan is pleased to announce the acquisition, modification, and certification of a long-range fixed-wing unmanned aircraft for the purposes of aerial surveying, LIDAR mapping, and 3D photography. . . .
oil flow in a wind tunnel
The needs of aircraft designers and aerodynamicists have begun to grow at a pace that requires changes in equipment and techniques used by those that produce aerodynamic data for the design of aircraft. New techniques of flow visualization have been developed, and as technology improves, new techniques will become more widely available in tunnels throughout the world. Share This:
Booth 817 Calspan is excited to be attending MILCOM 2017 as an exhibitor. MILCOM is a conference for global military communications professionals, giving industry leaders the opportunity to hear and understand the requirements, pace of change and state of play in a variety of C4ISR markets serving the military, federal agencies and multinational entities. The MILCOM 2017 theme is Military . . .
VISTA F16 Calspan
Niagara Falls, New York – July 11, 2017 – Calspan is pleased to announce the award of a 5-year contract worth more than $20 million by the United States Air Force. Calspan will provide services that include support for the Variable Stability In-Flight simulator and Test Aircraft (VISTA) for the United States Air Force Test Pilot School (USAF TPS) at Edwards Air Force . . .
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Calspan Aerospace has successfully demonstrated the feasibility of carrying and operating a U.S. Navy Aerial Refueling Store (ARS) on our company-owned Gulfstream G-III Airborne Testbed. Share This:
Calspan Flight Testbed
June 28, 2016 | Buffalo, New York – Calspan Aerospace has successfully completed a flight test program to demonstrate the feasibility of carrying and operating a U.S. Navy Aerial Refueling Store (ARS) on their company-owned Gulfstream G-III Airborne Testbed. The ARS is typically carried by U.S. Navy F/A-18’s to refuel other aircraft. Share This:
GIII Testbed
June 2016 | Buffalo, New York – Calspan has been awarded a $7.3 million contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to facilitate operations and maintenance of a government-owned Gulfstream G-III aircraft. Press Release – Army GIII Contract (June 2016) FINAL Share This:
TACIT E1462977211383
TESTING FLY-BY-WIRE INNOVATIONS FOR FUTURE BIZJETS The Tacit Clear Test Management Project (TMP) is a Test Pilot School student-led test of a brand new fly-by-wire flight control system. The student team is comprised of two pilots and three flight test engineers, from the USAF and the Italian Air Force. The Test Management Project is the largest single project completed by . . .
Calspan Corp. was awarded a two-year, $6.2M contract for continued maintenance and operation of the Air Force’s Vista F-16 aircraft. Calspan has been involved with the VISTA/NF-16D since its inception in the 1980’s. The VISTA/NF-16D aircraft provides a flight research testbed with in-flight simulation capabilities for high-performance manned aircraft and Unmanned Air Vehicles and is also used to demonstrate advanced . . .