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It’s in our DNA. For more than 70 years, Calspan has been supporting initiatives that drive domestic and global innovation. We partner with global innovators in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation and motorsports. We’re a world-class independent engineering services and testing company that proudly provides its customers with knowledgeable staff, unrivaled processes, unsurpassed quality, proven facilities and reliable equipment.

As an independent engineering, test, evaluation and research service company, Calspan is recognized and routinely called to execute challenging projects to transform the impossible into the achievable. Our success results from the “can-do” attitude and methodical approach of our talented, multi-disciplined engineers and technicians, coupled with the unique assets at their disposal. In addition, our high ethical standards and values-driven culture are two more reasons why Calspan is consistently requested to support industry-leading innovators across the globe.

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Our professionals are encouraged to seek collaboration and continuous improvement.

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Our business ethics and values are strongly woven into the fabric of our organization.

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Calspan gets regular coverage in the aerospace, automotive, and other industries.

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We work with some of the world's greatest innovators. Our customers' confidence is what keeps us going.

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We've provided innovative independent engineering design, testing, and research services since 1943 to customers across the globe.

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We execute programs in accordance with our customer's objectives and time constraints, no matter what it takes.