Calspan Media Resources


The Calspan Brand is recognized globally and represents our company as a leader in research and engineering services that serves the aerospace and automotive transportation industries. Our commitment to high quality starts with our brand. 


If you have questions about terms of use, please contact [email protected]

Calspan Logo

In most design applications, the logo is added on a white or lighter background.

Calspan Red and Black PNG

Color Logo (Preferred)

Calspan Logo.png


Calspan All Black Logo

All Black Logo (for single color printing only)

Calspan All Black Logo.png


Logos for Dark Backgrounds

Calspan Red and White Logo

Color Logo (Preferred)

Calspan Red and White Logo.png


Calspan All White Logo

All White Logo (for single color printing only)

Calspan All White Logo.png

Unofficial Use of Logo

Please refrain from altering the Calspan logo in any way.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Calspan’s primary brand colors are specific shades of red and black. See unique color codes below:


CMYK: C000 M100 Y100 K000

Pantone: 185C

RGB: R237 G28 B36

Web: #ed1c24



CMYK: C000 M000 Y000 K100

Pantone: Hexachrome Black C

RGB: R000 G000 B000

Web: #000000

Social Media

We encourage interaction on our social media sites. Please follow and engage with us on:




Tag us using our handle or with #CalspanCorp