Expanding Automotive Crash Test Capabilities

Expanding Automotive Crash Test Capabilities

Expanding Automotive Crash Test Capabilities

Computer aided crash simulation is a tool to virtually test a vehicle and is used to reduce the time and costs of the product development cycle. These simulations are based on assumptions made by engineers, and must be validated through actual testing. One of the only ways to validate these models is through the use of high resolution load cell walls. These load cell walls can gather force and moment measurement data over an entire collision event, enabling engineers to validate or refine their mathematical models.

In order to accomplish this, multiple high resolution barriers, including full frontal, offset frontal, small overlap, and pole are required. For a given area, high resolution load cell barriers contain more load cells when compared with low resolution barriers. These additional load cells provide better definition to determine where forces and moments are occurring. This is extremely important because computer simulations enable designers and engineers to look at the most minute locations for forces and moments.

As an independent owner of these load cell barriers and an expert in executing these tests, Calspan is the ideal choice for those developing new vehicles. We work with our customers in a collaborative manner, to first understand their objectives and needs, and then to provide recommendations and testing that meets their requirements.

Calspan is home to the only U.S.-based, independent, fully enclosed, and highly secure facility for the testing of prototype vehicles, capable of satisfying the dynamic needs of vehicle manufactures. We thoroughly understand the challenges and unpredictability associated with developing a new vehicle, and are extremely flexible and accommodating to meet the most stringent of schedules.

In the event that an organization does not have the capability to perform model simulations, Calspan has partnerships with companies that can provide these services for you. Using Calspan and its partners enables customers a single source for multiple solutions.

Image courtesy of MESSRING Systembau MSG GmbH

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