Calspan Continues to Support FSAE Competitions

Calspan Continues to Support FSAE Competitions

FSAE Competitions 2019
Calspan Tire Engineers will be at this years FSAE competitions including Michigan, Nebraska, and Ontario, Canada!

Formula SAE (FSAE) has been an important part of colleges and universities worldwide for almost 40 years. The FSAE program gives students an opportunity to design and develop a small Formula-style race car. As part of the program, the prototype race cars are evaluated for their potential as a production item. Judging is completed by experts from motorsports, automotive, aerospace, and supplier industries on student design, cost, and sales presentations. In addition to compliance with competition rules, students can also put their vehicles through a variety of performance tests on a race track.

Since 2005, Calspan’s Tire Research division has been an important resource for FSAE students. In partnership with the Tire Test Consortium (TTC), Calspan’s Tire Testing Facility has provided over 500 universities and their FSAE teams with tire research data to help them build their race vehicles from the ground up.

“Attending a Formula SAE competition is a great opportunity to see the creativity and ingenuity that goes into the design of these cars” commented Henning Olsson, Director, Research and Development at Calspan’s Tire Research Facility. Henning serves as a Design Judge in the competitions’ Design Event. In this part of the competition, students present and motivate their design decisions, which helps prepare the students for a future in the industry.  “Designing and building a car and having it ready in time for the competition helps these students develop critical skills, such as project management, communication, and collaboration, which are imperative for success and are in high-demand on today’s job market,” explains Henning.

Members of the TTC and Calspan will be attending this year’s event and look forward to seeing everyone’s contribution to the competition. If you’ll be there, look for a Calspan staff member and say hello! If you’re a part of the TTC, don’t forget your Calspan sponsorship sticker!

Learn more about the TTC.


2019 Formula SAE Events:

Formula SAE Michigan, May 8-11, Michigan International Speedway

Formula SAE North, May 30-June 2, Barrie Molson Centre

Formula SAE Lincoln, June 19-22, Lincoln Airpark

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