Calspan wins NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Contract for Flow Rake

Calspan wins NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center Contract for Flow Rake

Niagara Falls, NY – January 10, 2019 – Calspan Corporation is pleased to announce that the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California has awarded a contract to design and manufacture a flow rake for their F-15 test aircraft. This flow rake is a vertically oriented blade- or dagger-like instrumentation carrier, which is mounted underneath the fuselage of the aircraft. Equipped with multiple sensors, it can be used to measure the airflow under the aircraft for various scientific experiments.

Calspan, privately owned by John Yurtchuk and Lou Knotts, is known for supporting industry innovators through a demonstrated ability to design, fabricate, ground and flight test unique aircraft maintenance and modifications. Their extensive experience with the integration of experimental and prototype airborne systems and the aircraft modifications has enabled Calspan to win this award.

“This contract combines two areas of Calspan’s domain expertise: Instrumentation and Aircraft Modifications.  We are proud to be selected to provide NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center with a key component for their flight test program” stated Lou Knotts, CEO of Calspan.

Calspan has one year to complete the design, engineering analyses, manufacture, assembly, and delivery of the flow rake.


About Calspan

For more than 70 years, Calspan has been providing research and testing services in the aviation and transportation industries and is internationally recognized for research, testing, and quality. Calspan is privately owned by John Yurtchuk and Lou Knotts, with its headquarters in Buffalo, New York. Calspan conducts flight testing, flight training, aerial survey and mapping, aircraft modifications in Niagara Falls, New York. It has prototype test device manufacturing capabilities in Newport News, Virginia, as well as force measurement equipment manufacturing capability in San Diego, California. At Its headquarters in Buffalo, Calspan hosts a transonic wind tunnel, automotive crash test lab, tire testing facilities, and a sled facility.



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