New All-Weather Flutter Exciter from Calspan

New All-Weather Flutter Exciter from Calspan

All weather flutter exciter

All Weather Exciter DO-160G icing tests

For flight test operators working against the clock to clear a flight envelope, an All Weather Flutter Exciter offers extra flexibility when facing rain, light clouds, or other ill-timed weather.  Calspan has released a new line of All Weather Flutter Exciters, which perform just like the industry standard Exciters used in flight testing for decades, but with weather proofing upgrades and additional RTCA DO-160G qualification tests.

Our 60 in² All Weather Exciter passed multiple tests at Eurofins MET Laboratories, Inc. in Baltimore. It proved fully operable in water spray and partly operable in ice, with absolutely no compromise to safety and full recovery after melting.

Operators who would hangar an aircraft equipped with standard exciters to avoid an afternoon shower can relax with All Weather Exciters – saving you stress, schedule, and program cost.

All Weather Exciters are available new or as an upgrade to most standard exciters. Contact Calspan for more information to discover how you can complete your testing on time and on budget.

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