Calspan Invests In Family of Q-Series Dummies

Calspan Invests In Family of Q-Series Dummies

Calspan is now the proud owner of the complete Q-Series Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) more commonly known as dummies. Owning all of the dummies in the Q-Series family: Q0, Q1, Q1.5, Q3, Q3s, Q6 and Q10, permits Calspan to better serve sled and vehicle crash test customers. These dummies are the most biofidelic child dummies on the market and are used to test child restraint systems and collect crash test data for children in crash test research. The Q-Series dummies are the result of many years of product research and development and have the ability to capture better data for both frontal and side impact crash testing.

Advancements in data acquisition have been made in part through newly developed instrumentation specifically for Q-Series dummies. Abdominal injuries can be monitored more thoroughly through the use of through Abdominal Pressure Twin Sensors (APTS) and ASIS iliac load cells. APTS monitor and detect loads from lap shield and belt submarining (the act of sliding down under a seat belt allowing the belt to move from the pelvic/hip area up to the abdominal area). ASIS load cells are used on Q6 and Q10 dummies to measure the impact force on the pelvic bone. These sensors help to detect belt forces on the pelvic bone and to better understand if potential submarining injuries are occurring.

Testing with Q-Series Dummies

The improved data capture available through Q-Series dummies makes these test devices more desirable for various test modes around the world. Europe has already made them a requirement for their newest child car seat regulation sled test ECE R129. EuroNCAP has begun to develop standards requiring the use of Q-Series dummies for vehicle crash testing as well. Test protocols released in January of 2016 require that Q6 and Q10 dummies are used in certain EuroNCAP vehicle crash tests. Other government agencies are beginning to require the use of Q-Series dummies for safety standard testing including Latin NCAP, Korean NCAP, Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP), and the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN-NCAP).

Calspan is your go-to resource for Q-Series dummies – from testing with the devices to calibration and certification services. Calspan has the infrastructure in place to perform Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) R44 and plans to be fully equipped to run ECE R129 by the first quarter of 2019. To learn more about Sled testing or vehicle crash testing, please visit

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