Engineering Services


Supporting Innovators in the Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Transportation, and Motorsports Industries

The world’s greatest innovators rely on Calspan, as evidenced by our track record of successfully providing high-quality independent engineering design, test, and research services for more than 70 years. We are proud to offer innovators a wide array of engineering services to support their game-changing innovations.


Wind Tunnel Feature225B6175 Edit
Subsonic/Transonic Wind Tunnel

Calspan customers enjoy the freedom and flexibility of testing in North America's only independently owned wind tunnel.

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Airborne Testbed Slide7
Flight Testing

Need flight testing? From simple to complex, our fully modified airborne testbeds will fly a 2500 lb pod or your latest COMM system.

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Inflight Training 225B3089 Edit Web
Advanced Flight Training

Calspan's advanced flight training is world renowned, training both military and commercial pilots across the globe.

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Aerospace Test Equipment Design Fab Hero
Aerospace Test Equipment Design and Fabrication

We've provided test equipment design and manufacturing services for over 40 years.

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Internal Balance Hicap A
Force Measurement Systems

Our innovative force measurement products have increased our customer's test productivity and improved results.

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Calspan AutomotiveSafetyTesting Feature
Automotive Safety Testing

Our experts conduct product development and regulatory automotive crash testing.

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Calspan Sled Inquiry
Dynamic Sled Testing

Testing on a sled for evaluating occupant protection systems for juvenile products, ambulances, and restraint systems, as well as vehicle accessories for due dilligence testing.

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Tire Advanced Testing
Tire Performance Testing

Motorsports, high load, endurance, and model testing on the world's most advanced tire testing equipment.

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Calspan Equipment Feature
Automotive testing equipment design and fabrication

Providing customized solutions for crash test facilities around the globe.

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ATD A225B2397 Edit Web
ATD Certification and Calibration

Crash test dummy calibrations and certifications are executed expeditiously and with the utmost quality, ensuring projects stay on schedule.

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CrashResearch ThinkstockPhotos 176850460 Web
Crash Research and Investigations

Programs like NASS rely on Calspan to produce real-world, timely crash research and investigative data.

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Marine Systems Hero
Marine Systems

Our facility can design, analyze, and build components in a classified environment up the secret and SAP level.

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