Turbomachinery Test Rigs

Calspan is a vertically integrated supplier of turbomachinery test rigs with the demonstrated ability to design, manufacture, instrument and assemble complex rigs. Over the last 20 years we have executed over 50 major rig projects, including fan, compressor, combustor, turbine and many other special system rigs. Our team thrives on working closely with our gas turbine and other turbomachinery customers to define and deliver complex test articles to validate new technologies and products. Often starting from the hot running aerodynamic definition, we have the in-house capability to fully engineer the test article (including the instrumentation suite), manufacture the parts, apply the instrumentation, assemble the rig and then support the rig testing in our customer’s or third party test facilities.



Calspan’s Turbomachinery Test Rigs capability resides in-house, at our 93,000 ft² facility in Newport News, Virginia. At this facility we have the following capabilities:

  • Technical requirements capture and management
  • Rig concept engineering
  • Solution development and validation using proven analysis tools and methods
  • Precision machining utilizing our sophisticated CNC machine shop with multiple 5-axis milling machines, lathes, mill-turn centers and wire EDM’s
  • Rake and probe manufacture
  • Instrumentation sensor application, lead out and check out
  • Modular assembly, checks and sub-system testing
  • Final rig assembly and preparation for delivery to the test facility

These processes are all executed within our robust ISO9001:2008/AS9100 (Rev. C) Quality Management System.


Calspan has executed a wide range of turbomachinery rig projects for our gas turbine aero engine, industrial engine and other turbomachinery OEM customers over the last 20 years:

  • Fan Rigs – full scale and sub-scale, single-stage (civil) and multi-stage (military), often used to validate performance, noise and blade containment.
  • Compressor Rigs – engine scale, sub-scale and super-scale multi-stage axial and single stage radial compressor rigs used to characterize performance/operability and establish variable vane schedules.
  • Combustor Rigs – single burner, multi-sector or full annular, used to characterize aerothermal performance, combustion products and combustor operability.
  • Turbine Rigs – full scale and subscale, cold flow (visualization), warm-flow and hot-flow, single and multi-stage (including contra-rotating), used to calibrate sub-system simulation models and validate stage and overall system performance.
  • Other Complex System Rigs – including propulsion simulators, un-ducted fan models, rotating secondary flow rigs, rocket turbo-pump rigs, bearing and seal rigs, steam turbine rigs and flow visualization rigs.
  • Development Engines and Cores – we also instrument and assemble the engine OEM’s demonstrator engines and development cores.