Pilot Induced Oscillation


Calspan Aerospace is the only commercial provider in the world of In-Flight Pilot Induced Oscillations (PIO) training. PIO training covers the unintentional oscillation resulting from efforts of the pilot to control the aircraft.

This training demonstrates PIO’s to pilots in a safe airborne environment through our ability to simulate the underlying conditions leading to Pilot Induced Oscillations with the use of in-flight-simulation technology. Our unique variable stability Learjets, which simulate the handling qualities and deficiencies of PIO-prone aircraft, are programmed to enable the evaluation pilot to experience PIO’s in flight. Safety is maintained by our highly qualified safety pilots, all of whom have been educated at the finest military test pilot schools or civilian institutions, and an automatic safety trip system that prevents excursions outside the FAA-certified flight envelope of the aircraft.

Training Pio


The Calspan Aerospace Pilot-Induced Oscillation course begins with classroom academics and culminates with two flights in our Learjet in-flight-simulator. One flight is up-and-away, while the second focuses on PIO-prone aircraft in the landing pattern. Course objectives include:

  • Understanding the PIO phenomenon
  • Important issues associated with Pilot-Induced Oscillation that influence flight test tasks/techniques
  • Discussion of flight test tasks/techniques that have proven useful to flush out PIO susceptibility
  • Tools for test pilots to communicate their evaluations
  • Hands-on demonstration in VSS Learjet
  • Variety of Pilot Induced Oscillation sources
  • Flight test tasks
  • Understanding historical PIO incidents
Flight Training Pio


Calspan customers that engage our expertise in PIO receive innumerable benefits, including:

  • Access to the only commercial Pilot Induced Oscillation training that simulates the conditions leading to PIO via in-flight-simulation technology
  • Our team’s ability to be flexible by modifying scheduled, structured courses to meet specific customer needs

On April 6, 1993, China Eastern Airlines Flight 583 experienced a PIO that killed two passengers and injured more than half of the 255 people on board. The subsequent investigation determined that the MD-11 was susceptible to PIOs and the crew lacked PIO training. One fallout from this tragedy was FAA certification pilot training in Pilot Induced Oscillations; Calspan’s course was born from this requirement.

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