UAV/UAS Operations

Long Range UAV Services

Our fixed wing unmanned aircraft is capable of flights of over 20 hours and are equipped with cutting edge technology to create topographic maps. As a company entrenched in aviation since 1945, Calspan’s approach to drones is professional and proactive. The Calspan difference starts with our drone operators. We work with veterans of the industry—every operator we employ has had thousands of hours in military, private, and commercial aviation service. Their experience is best shown in their deep understanding of federal regulation and compliance needs. Calspan handles all waiver and regulatory requirements for any mission. When done on an individual basis, this process can be long and tedious, Calspan comes equipped with the necessary certifications to start flying today. Our UAV is fixed wing, and unlike its multi-rotor cousins, this unmanned aircraft has the ability to cover large amounts of land and collect data to produce detailed tilted image that allow for immersive views of the land covered. It’s time to stop thinking in square feet, and start thinking in square miles. The UAV is also connected with point-to-point GPS, which allows for pinpoint accuracy and detailed mission planning.  
3D mapping from a UAV


After the mission is over, our experienced engineers and technicians work to provide you detailed results in exactly the format you need. If you don’t know, we can provide guidelines to help you define what type of data you need to fulfill requirements. For right of way management to methane and natural gas leaks our drone operations are cost effective, timely, and reliable.