UAV Operations


Accurately mapping long distances of real estate over a short amount time allow utilities, municipalities and other agencies to better plan, monitor and manage their land responsibilities. Areas such as Vegetation Management, Ecological Maintenance, Regulatory Compliance, and Land Planning are all practices that require accurate geographic information. Collecting this information over large distances is an ongoing problem with these various organizations. With Calspan’s UAV inspection services, we can solve these issues by mapping long distances while delivering highly accurate geographic information quickly. Our UAV can collect imagery of up to 60 miles per flight, with multiple flights per day. The long-flight time of this UAV means less time in the field and a better, more reliable data output.
Safer UAV operations


Our UAV and associated technology allow Calspan to map very large areas in a short amount of time. This allow Calspan to provide data back to the customer in substantially less time at a reduced cost when compared to non-fixed wing UAV operations (quadcopters). Calspan’s UAV is certified and registered, and we take care of any additional certification and approval processes needed to fly over any terrain. We are fully compliant with FAA regulations, and our UAV is even equipped with ADS-B out capability, ensuring that any future requirements can be met swiftly to prevent service interruption. The use of Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS enables Calspan to deliver highly accurate results, with accuracies ranging from 2mm to 1 inch. This level of detail is unparalleled in the industry, and provides the data necessary for precise measurements needed for effective inspection.

Data Delivery:

Calspan’s UAV-based linear inspection services are backed by science, with a team of experienced Geographic Information System engineers, pilots, and support staff. Our data is delivered in formats easily used out of the box. We work with customers to fully understand the needs they have, their end goals, and how to best deliver results quickly. This approach means that the data we deliver is useful, for any purpose the customer might have.