UAV Operations


Right of way management for utility companies is vital to ensuring the highest degree of service to end consumers. By proactively viewing the land surrounding utility right-of-ways, companies can properly plan to avoid power outages due to encroaching tree limbs or overgrown vegetation. Our drones are able to fly over large areas of land collecting data that can be used to determine X, Y, and Z. Allowing customers to create accurate long-range vegetation management plans and effectively manage transmission facility right-of-way corridors. Calspan’s right of way management for utility companies and government agencies help reduce costs and increase effectiveness when creating up-to-date maps of areas surrounding assets. Our drones are capable of extended flights over pipelines, utility lines, train tracks, and other assets without the need for timely manpower relocation. Map creation can be accomplished by aerial photography and spectral analysis, LIDAR, or a combination of methods to create real-time vision of encroachments.
1Clouddrone data collection


  • Fixed wing drone enables square miles of coverage
  • Long range data capture

  • Photo based mapping

  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) mapping


Experienced pilots and pre-existing certifications means that customers can get data faster. Our advanced data capturing abilities are unparalleled in the market, and are backed by a team of GIS engineers, technicians, and experts.