UAV Services for Engineering and Civil Engineering

Engineering organizations can rely on Calspan to provide substantial benefits over traditional providers of aerial services. Aerial survey, 3D mapping, high-resolution point and grid-based land management data, and many other services are available. By using a fixed-wing long duration UAV, Calspan provides engineering companies with the data they need, in a format that can be pre-processed and used out of the box.


Right of Way Management
Linear Inspection
Land Management Mapping
Aerial Survey

Coming Soon:
LIDAR Mapping

Unique Capabilities:

Calspan UAV Services are backed by industry professionals, including FAA licensed professional pilots with over 60 years of combined manned and unmanned flight experience, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) specialists, and support staff. Our services are offered as a hassle-free solution to otherwise complicated GIS problems. The UAV systems that we pilot are fixed-wing, capable of extended flights for efficient data gathering.

20+ hours of capable flight time
GPS controlled
Map in square miles, not square feet
Highly detailed 3D mapping
Point-based data accurate to 3mm or better
Ability to obtain all FAA and other relevant licenses and waivers

Uses for UAV Services:

Detailed mapping of terrain for building projects
3D mapping of large areas for roadway planning
Land management mapping for large-scale projects
Terrain mapping for requirements documentation