UAV Services for Utilities and Utility Management

Calspan offers a wide variety of services for utility companies, including right of way management, linear inspection, and aerial survey. This is accomplished with a fixed-wing GPS controlled unmanned aerial vehicle piloted by professionals and equipped with an interchangeable payload system capable of capturing and delivering high quality images and data.


Right of Way Management
Linear Inspection

Coming Soon:
LIDAR Mapping
Real-Time Methane Detection

Unique Capabilities:

Calspan UAV Services are backed by industry professionals, including FAA licensed professional pilots with over 60 years of combined manned and unmanned flight experience, Geographical Information Systems specialists, and support staff. Our services are offered as a hassle-free solution to otherwise complicated regulatory problems. The UAV systems that we pilot are fixed-wing, capable of extended flights for efficient data gathering.

20+ hours of capable flight time
GPS controlled
Map in square miles, not square feet
Highly detailed 3d mapping
Point-based data accurate to 3mm or better
Ability to obtain all FAA and other relevant licenses and waivers

Using a web-based interface a client can log in and securely view the results of a flight. Results are available in a variety of georeferenced formats including orthomosaic, 3D mesh, digital elevation models (DEM), ESRI shape files, or customer-specific formats.

Uses for UAV Services:

Pipeline or powerline right of way encroachment monitoring
Aerial survey and mapping of existing or planned routes
Digital terrain modeling of existing or planned construction sites, including volume calculations

Calspan helps utility companies looking for environmental features that may inhibit the use or transmission of gas or electric to residences or commercial areas, danger trees, sags in power lines, encroachment of vegetation or other items, and ecological issues.