Flight Testing


Calspan is a full service flight test organization. All of our pilots are U.S. Air Force or Naval Test Pilot School graduates with many years of operational and experimental flight test experience. Our close-knit, vertically integrated team has a proven record of the ability to go from concept to flight testing in a fraction of the time it takes most organizations. For more than 70 years, the foundation of success at Calspan Aerospace has been our experienced, multi-disciplined personnel operating very capable mid- to high-performance airborne testbeds. Calspan’s team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to support virtually any atmospheric flight test need from sea level to 50,000 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). We can use one of our fleet of airborne testbeds to test airborne systems or customers can provide their own testbeds.  Common installations on our fleet of Gulfstream G-IIIs and Learjets include underbelly pods, SATCOM systems, radar systems, and more. Our personnel are well versed in the process and discipline of aircraft performance, stability and control, and systems testing. Our people and aircraft have conducted flight test programs around the globe.


At Calspan, we are proud to support aerospace innovators with In-Flight Testing services that include:
  • Aircraft Performance Testing
  • Aircraft Stability and Control Testing
  • Aircraft Avionics and Systems Testing
  • Flight Testing unique aircraft modifications including:
    • “Humps and Bumps.”
    • UAV systems, sensors and algorithms in a real flight environment using one of our Learjets as a UAV Surrogate.
  • Evaluating aircraft flight control laws and handling qualities in flight using one of our Learjet In-Flight Simulators.
  • Access to Military Operating Areas (MOA)


  • Northrop Grumman and Raytheon U.S. Navy Next Generation Jammer pods, respectively, on our Gulfstream G-III airborne testbed.
  • An aerial refueling probe-equipped Learjet into contact with a U.S. Navy tanker as part of a U.S. Navy UAV Automated Aerial Refueling program.
  • Electro-Optical/Infra-Red (EO/IR) sensors and external radars on a Learjet as part of a U.S. Air Force UAV Sense and Avoid program.
  • A Saab 340 modified with an F-16 fire control radar and radome along with EO/IR turret in support of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.
  • A Fly-by-Wire flight control system modification to a Learjet.
  • Calspan Aerospace has also supported flight test of Outer Mold Line (OML) changes to special mission turboprop aircraft.
  • Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) Surrogacy
  • Airborne Testbeds for Satellite Communications and Antenna Manufacturer Verification
  • In-Flight Simulation
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