Demonstrated Ability to Test & Validate Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Systems Worldwide

Calspan’s fleet of airborne testbeds are equipped with a universal radome capable of performing validation and verification of antenna systems and Ku-, Ka-, and Ku/Ka-band satellite network performance. Our experienced staff has designed our testbeds to be modular, allowing for a quick turn around to install, test and deliver the data you need.

The information that we received during our experience at Calspan was invaluable to our product development team. We conducted numerous simulations on the ground, but until we were in the air running live tests, we weren’t able to truly see how our product would perform.

- Recent high-speed broadband connectivity provider

Test in a true airborne environment

Calspan has responded to the growing need for large-scale testing of avionics, radar, and sensor systems by developing multiple airborne testbeds based on a Gulfstream III (G-III) aircraft. The testbeds have already been specifically designed and modified to carry antennas for testing in a radome. Our team is fully integrated, meaning our in-house engineers, avionics technicians, and pilots together can help you execute your project. Depending on the level of support you need, Calspan can design, modify, install, ground test, and flight test your equipment.

  • Flexible schedule - Our experienced team of technicians and engineers, paired with our long standing relationship with the FAA, allows for a quick turnaround time from initial discussions, to installation and in-flight testing. Our rapid approach allows you to get critical test data in front of your customers as fast as possible.
  • Mobile laboratory - Our airframes have been completely modified to best accommodate your needs. Our open floor layout allows for efficient roll-on/roll-off capabilities for your data acquisition racks and other test equipment to be easily added to the plane. No existing racks? No problem – we have existing racks or can fabricate custom racks, as needed. And, there are seats for up to eight flight test engineers who can communicate with our pilots to make real-time adjustments.
  • Comprehensive Approach - From flight planning, obtaining airworthiness certificates from the FAA, to providing a team to test and monitor your data - you can count on Calspan. Our team makes your problems our problems, and we’ll work together to run the tests to get the data you need.
  • Safe Experimental Testbeds - We have two, fully modified Gulfstream airframes to fly experimental tests. All programs receive pre-flight safety briefings prior to taking flight.
  • FAA Approved Modifications - Safety is key with all of our programs, modifications, and flight tests. We work closely with the FAA for approval on modifications and airworthiness. Our long standing track record of successful flights allows for your product to get in the air, quickly.
  • Real-time feedback - You will receive consistent communication via our intercom system that provides real time feedback from the engineers to the test pilots. The communication channel allows you to adjust your flight pattern, change routes and re-evaluate if need be.
  • Private & Secure Hangar - We value your data as if it is our own. Your equipment will be received into our private loading dock and will remain concealed until it is returned to you after testing. We go the distance to protect your intellectual property.
  • Easily Accessible - Calspan Flight Research is run out of the Niagara Falls Airport which is specifically positioned there to fly year round at an easily accessible airspace. Calspan shares the underutilized 10,000 foot runway with an air force reserve base. The location is easily accessible to the Military Operations Area (MOA) where we have access to fly random flight patterns away from commercial aircraft.
  • Experienced - With more than 70 years of experience in airborne research, development, test and evaluation, our staff has designed our testbeds to be modular, making it simple and straightforward to execute. Our pilots fly over 10,000 flight hours every year without incident and many are retired Navy and Air Force test pilots. Safety is our number one priority.

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