Model Positioning Systems

During most of our history, we were collocated with the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel. That experience, along with providing test support in many facilities across the US, gave us invaluable experience in wind tunnel operations. While providing new balances and calibrations of existing balances has been our primary supply, we have leveraged our wind tunnel experience to supply model positioning systems and data acquisition systems. We provide full design, software and control system development, fabrication, assembly, calibration and on-site installation to meet your testing requirements.

The Crescent Support System provides pitch and yaw angle variation for typical sting mounted models. The pitch and yaw centers of rotation are on the center line of the tunnel and do not translate; the pitch center does not move as the angle is changed. Any position combination of Pitch and Yaw is achievable at any time.

The single strut attaches to the top of the platform balance, which is mounted to the top of a turntable. The assembly mounts beneath the test section and strut extends to the tunnel center line. The pitch mechanism is integrated in the bayonet at the top of the strut. A wind shield minimizes the force of the flow on the strut.

Features and Benefits

  • Scaleable designs easily integrate into new or existing facilities with minimal impact
  • Current designs range from 8 in x 8 in supersonic to 8 ft x 12 ft lowspeed
  • Pitch and yaw centers of rotation are on the center line of the tunnel and maintain location when angle is changed.