Wind Tunnel Testing Facility


Our Test Envelope

Calspan’s Transonic Wind Tunnel is a continuous flow, variable density, closed-circuit wind tunnel testing facility with an 8 x 8 foot [2.44 x 2.44 meter] test section. Test conditions are achieved through independent control of Mach number and one other pressure-dependent variable for constant Reynolds number, static pressure, dynamic pressure, or total pressure operations to achieve the following test conditions:

  • Maximum Mach number of 1.30
  • Stagnation pressures of 0.25 to 3.25 atmospheres
  • Dynamic Pressure
    • 700 lb/ft² [33.5 kPa] – Conventional Operations
    • 1800 lb/ft² [86.2 kPa] – Ejector Augmented
  • Reynolds Number
    • 4×10⁶/ft [13×10⁶/m] – Transonic, Conventional Operations
    • 8×10⁶/ft [26×10⁶/m] – Subsonic, Conventional Operations
    • 11×10⁶/ft [36×10⁶/m] – Transonic, Ejector Augmented
  • Up to 50,000 ft [15,000 m] simulated altitude
  • Auxiliary Air Supply to Model
    • Primary air delivery: Up to 2,000 lb/in² [13,790 kPa] at up to 15 lbm/s [6.8 kg/s]
    • Secondary (low volume) air delivery: Up to 100 lb/in² [690 kPa] at 0.02 lbm/s [0.009 kg/s] to 0.10 lbm/s [0.045 kg/s]

Customer models, data, and related program information are all handled as strictly confidential. Calibration areas, model buildup rooms, control room, data reduction room, and customer processing rooms can all be fully secured to allow for processing and protection of customer information.

Clear Tunnel Operating Map Calspan 8 Foot TWT Compressed Image