Internal/External Store Separation Testing


Internal / External Store Separation looks at the characteristics of flight and resulting trajectory as a weapon is released in proximity to a parent air vehicle. This proximity testing technique enables Calspan’s customers to evaluate the aerodynamic influence one body has on another in flight. Testing can be performed as grid runs or captive trajectory simulations (CTS). During a grid run, the store follows a predetermined angular path with respect to the aircraft. This test technique’s high level of automation enables Calspan to provide our customers with very high run rates and efficiencies. The CTS test technique uses Calspan’s proven 6 degrees of freedom rigid body equation of motion to simulate the release of a store. Calspan, being the first to develop a captive trajectory simulation, has demonstrated more than 60 years of expertise in weapons integration and proximity testing.

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Internal / External Store Separation Capabilities/Features

The data collected in these tests is used to predict the store’s flight characteristics in proximity to a parent aircraft to reduce risk during first launch, thereby increasing Safety of Flight. This test technique also allows customers to gain insightful information on the controllability of the store after release. Calspan’s CTS software enables customers to have a wide range of flexibility to simulate various aspects of a store release, such as:
  • Ejector Stroke Simulation
  • Variable Restrained Motion
  • Auto-Pilot
  • Rail Launches
  • A/C Maneuvering
  • A/C Roll due to Store Release
  • Pull-Ups/Push-Overs
  • Aerodynamic Model Corrections
In conjunction with Proximity Tests, Calspan also performs Free Stream tests on the store to enhance our customers’ understanding of the aerodynamics of the store with and without the influence of the parent aircraft. Calspan offers the option to perform pseudo-free stream tests by moving the parent aircraft to the top of the test section, far away from the store. The savings in installation time is a direct benefit to our customers.