Jet Effects Assessment Testing


The Jet Effects Test technique provides our customers information on how a jet plume or plumes affect the aerodynamics over an air vehicle. Typically, the model is crafted in such a way that the jet does not directly load the strain gauge balance. Only the vehicle’s aerodynamics and the jet’s influence on the vehicle aerodynamics are measured. This is important in cases where effectiveness of tail control surfaces may be influenced by jet exhaust.

Twt Space Jet Final

Calspan provides our customers with the control system to deliver dry, metered, high pressure air to their jets. We provide approximately 2,000 psi air at mass flow rates of 2 lbm/sec or less. Mass flow rates up to 15 lbm/sec can also be provided at proportionally lower supply pressures.

Calspan also provides a supplemental air delivery system when secondary or tertiary flow is required. In its standard configuration, this dual channel system is capable of open or closed loop control of flows ranging from 0.02 to 0.16 lbm/sec at pressures ranging from 20 to 100 psi. This highly accurate jet effects system provides set points to within ±1.0% and measurement accuracies to within ±0.1%. When configured for high volume delivery, this system can also provide flow rates and pressures up to 1.0 lbm/sec and 200 psi, respectively.