Passenger + Commercial Aircraft Development Services


When it comes to the development of passenger and commercial aircraft, several different market requirements drive aircraft configurations. These include range, number of passengers, noise levels, and fuel efficiency. Aerodynamicists developing such aircraft refine their configuration by changing the shape or outer lines of the aircraft so that performance requirements are met.

Calspan enables these aerodynamicists to better understand and improve their aircraft configurations by testing instrumented models within our highly capable Subsonic/Transonic Wind Tunnel (STWT). No matter if the aircraft is intended for domestic or international use, Calspan’s team of wind tunnel testing experts work with customers to develop efficient and effective test programs.

Calspan’s TWT has played a critical role, not only in early development, but throughout the evolution of aircraft, including Boeing’s 700 series, Cessna Citation, Learjet Model 45, 60, Gulfstream I – V, and Bombardier Challenger.

Passenger Commercial Aircraft

Capabilities / Features and Benefits:

In conjunction with our subsonic/transonic wind tunnel test facility, Calspan provides the following test techniques that assist the aerodynamicist in understanding and evaluating their air vehicle configuration against market requirements. These techniques include:

Calspan’s goal is one of exceeding customer expectations and consistently delivering excellence across all elements of a test project: from project and program management through model development and configuration and of course through data collection and analysis.