TWT Testing of Ram Air Turbines (RATs)


Essential to the safety of any aircraft, a Ram Air Turbine (RAT), or Air-Driven Generator, provides emergency electrical and/or hydraulic power in the event that both the primary and auxiliary power sources are lost. This system is also used to power specific avionics applications.

Twt Ram

Calspan has decades of experience testing both prototype and flight hardware turbines and generators in our TWT. Our experience includes testing open-blade, ducted and pod RATs, all having their own functionality and application.

As a variable density wind tunnel, we can perform endurance testing and deployment cycles through the entire operational envelope of your ram air turbine. Our TWT test section is easily configurable and allows for remote wind on deployments from a stowed configuration. We have ample room and the proper utilities to support load banks and other test and monitoring equipment.  By leveraging our sister company, Calspan Systems, we also have the internal capability to design and fabricate any item required for our customers' testing needs.


  • Universal mounting plate and reconfigurable test section to allow deployments from a variety of stowed locations.
  • An array of pumps and high pressure air farms to quickly change altitude.
  • Variable blade angle fan on the main drive and bypass valve on the auxiliary drive to quickly change air speed.
  • Expertise in strain gauge, accelerometer and load cell application and measurement.
  • Dynamic data system to measure transient effects.
  • Abundant room to accommodate load banks, heat exchangers, data recorders and a variety of other equipment.
  • Reliable utilities such as water, house air, and electrical to support customer equipment.