Ram Air Turbine Performance Testing


A Ram Air Turbine (RAT) is designed to extract energy from an airstream and convert it to hydraulic or electric power. As airspeed or altitude changes, the amount of energy that can be extracted changes with it. Utilizing Calspan’s variable density wind tunnel, this test can determine the ability of the RAT to efficiently generate power at various points within, and at the extremes, of the flight envelope. At each operating point, customers can measure the electric and/or hydraulic power output of the RAT under a variety of simulated loads. With the use of auxiliary instrumentation such as strain gauges and accelerometers, customers can assess the dynamic and structural integrity of the RAT as well.

As a variable density wind tunnel, Calspan can change airspeed independent of altitude so you can test and evaluate your RAT performance throughout its entire flight envelope. We utilize a series of pumps and high pressure air farms to quickly change conditions to simulate a change in altitude. In addition, the unique design of our main and auxiliary drives allow us to quickly change airspeed. The result is that we can efficiently traverse through your operational envelope according to your priorities.