Aerodynamic Analysis of Space Access Vehicles


From the early days of space travel and exploration to the present surge in commercialization of space, Calspan has and continues to play an integral role in the development of space access vehicles through aerodynamic analysis. Calspan’s Transonic Wind Tunnel's previous experience includes:
  • NASA X-34 Reusable Launch Technology Demonstrator
  • McDonnel Douglas DC-X Delta Clipper
  • Orbital Sciences Corporation’s Taurus Rocket
  • NASA CERV (Crew Emergency Return Vehicle)
  • Saturn V
  • Space Shuttle
Recently, Calspan has provided aerodynamic analysis and test services for the competition on NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program. Whether you need to investigate the jet effect of powered engine nozzles or ensure safe staging separation, our experienced team can help you achieve your development goals.