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Vehicle Crash Testing

Through physical destructive testing, an endless amount of quality data can be instantly acquired to refine and validate simulation models, to evaluate the performance of crashworthiness for structures and occupant protection systems, and to verify that production variation does not effect performance.

For those looking for an independent and unbiased test laboratory to perform crash testing, Calspan is North America’s preferred choice.

Tire Performance Testing

Calspan's tire laboratory is used to measure and understand tire performance and characteristics for all types of tires, including those used on automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, and aircraft; off-road; by the military; and in motorsports.

Sled Testing

When it comes to occupant protection and the associated restraint systems, whether it’s within an automobile, aircraft or any other form of transportation, physical testing on a sled is still the go-to-method for evaluation.

Barrier and Bollard Testing

Calspan is a full service barrier and bollard testing provider, capable of certifying barriers to ASTM, PAS, and IWA standards. We take the stress out of shipping, setting up, and certifying barriers, nets, gates, and other objects designed to prevent entry.

Crash Research Investigations

Calspan has been in the business of supporting the U.S. government and other private organizations with unbiased crash investigations and research for over 45+ years, to support the research necessary to saving the lives of our fellow drivers, passengers and pedestrians on American roadways. We specialize in crash research, investigations, technical support, injury analysis and quality control services.

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