Crash Test Dummy Certification Service


A crash test dummy (commonly referred to as an anthropomorphic test device or ATD) is an electro-mechanical device that resembles the human form relative to dimension, weight proportion and articulation. Covered with vinyl skin, ATDs are comprised of a metal and composite structural skeleton equipped with strategically-placed transducers to measure the dynamic physical effects during a crash event. To verify these devices are functioning as intended, they must be routinely certified, that’s where we come in. Calspan offers an expeditious, quality certification service that automotive innovators have come to rely on.


The Calspan team is knowledgeable about certification standards and the associated test execution. Our dedicated lab is fully equipped and staffed with professionals experienced in certifying ATDs, which include:

  • Hybrid Dummies - Preme, Newborn, CRABI 12 mo., HII 6 yr old, HIII 3 yr old, HIII 6 yr old, HIII 10 yr old, HIII 5th female, 50th male, and 95th male
  • P Dummies - P-New Born, P0.75, P1.5, P3, P6, P10
  • Q Dummies - Q0, Q1, Q1.5, Q3, Q3s, Q6, and Q10
  • ES-2re

Additionally, Calspan has the knowledge, fixtures, and probes to certify the most current THOR-M or THOR Mod Kit with SD-3 shoulders and Lx-Legs per NHTSA’s procedures.


Calspan customers that engage our expertise in ATD Certification receive innumerable benefits, including:

  • We follow a regimented process using documentation that includes work instructions, checklists, data sheets, and quality checks.
  • We understand the importance of timeliness when crash testing, so our quick turnaround ensures no delays occur.
  • We will house, maintain, and certify their ATDs for immediate and convenient use in Calspan-run tests.

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