Crash Testing Laboratory


Do you have fluid schedules, but still need to meet fixed deadlines?  Are you looking for a crash test lab that will make your job easier?  Your search is over.

Calspan is world renowned for having a flexible and collaborative staff with the most modern and secure vehicle crash test facility in the United States of America. The types of crash tests performed at Calspan include:    

  • Benchmarking Crash Tests and Vehicle Teardown: This includes CMM, 3D scanning and photo documentation
  • Structural Impact Tests: These tests are on frame rails, bumpers and front-end structures into high-resolution load cell walls to validate structural CAE simulations, validate designs and manufacturing processes
  • Developmental Crash Tests: Crash tests on prototype vehicles requiring a significant amount of instrumentation (100+ vehicle data channels, highly instrumented ATDs, etc.), CMM and vehicle modification/re-build between tests. Especially, fully electric vehicles
  • Exploratory / Research Crash Tests: Crash tests to protocols being proposed or under development (i.e. IIHS 2.0 Side MDB)
  • Verification / Validation Crash Tests: Crash tests to confirm compliance to regulatory standards (i.e. FMVSS, UN ECE) and consumer programs (i.e. U.S. NCAP, EuroNCAP and IIHS), including the EuroNCAP MPDB crash test
  • Witnessed Crash Tests for UN ECE Accreditation
  • Field Recreation Crash Tests

Calspan’s state-of-the-art laboratory is 5,388 m2 (58,000 sq.-ft.), is climate controlled, fully enclosed (indoor) and conducts up to four crash tests daily. This facility has everything needed to prepare test vehicles and execute tests within this one building. This includes offices, customer rooms, vehicle preparation garages, the ATD laboratory, crash halls and a secure shipping and receiving dock (for dropping off and picking up vehicles from within the building).  

By having a world class facility run by experts, both in 2018 and 2019 Calspan was bestowed the international honor of Crash Test Lab of the Year from Automotive Testing Technology International.  An award given to highlight and reward the efforts of individuals and companies who have made a difference in the world of vehicle development. 

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Calspan takes pride in being flexible and its willingness to do whatever it takes. This flexibility stems from an extensive understanding that vehicle development is dynamic in nature. Whereby the latest simulations, physical tests and even part availability, can affect a customer’s program and its associated timeline. 

When such situations occur, Calspan does “whatever it takes”.  This includes rescheduling tests, working extended hours and even weekends to keep programs on schedule. Calspan also has extensive experience re-building vehicles between tests so that a single asset can be used for multiple tests.

Throughout the test process, Calspan encourages customer involvement as much, or as little as a customer may desire.  This includes working on test vehicles, participating with test set-up and the use of tools. Should a customer be unable to travel to Calspan, Calspan offers of number of digital collaboration tools, including a revolutionary way for customers to remotely “participate.” 

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Calspan's vehicle testing services are focused on supporting the test and evaluation needs of the ground transportation industry. These types of test services include:

Passenger Vehicle Crash Testing

Heavy Duty Vehicle Crash Testing

ATV and UTV Crash Testing