Crashworthiness Testing Programs


When innovators need to conduct independent tests to evaluate how a component or sub-system reacts in a vehicle crash, they turn to Calspan. We conduct simulated live crash tests in which the car body (Body-in-White) is rapidly jettisoned down a set of rails. This test methodology replicates the same forces or pulse that would occur if the vehicle was to impact something. In this type of testing, since nothing is physically impacting the Body-in-White, no physical deformation or damage occurs to the body’s structure, allowing multiple crashworthiness tests to be conducted in succession.

Calspan’s Body-in-White testing is leveraged by vehicle manufacturers and first-tier suppliers to test:

  • Occupant Restraint Systems:
    • Seat Belts – belt design, webbing, hardware, anchors
    • Air Bags – timing, firing circuits, sensors, squibs, units
  • Vehicle seats
  • All other interior vehicle components (dashboards, bolsters, headliner trim and electronic control modules) for crashworthiness

It can also be used to test items placed within the vehicle like child seats, cell phones, etc.

Auto Body In White


Calspan has a 12” HYGE Sled designed to simulate the effects of a collision in an acceleration mode. Its maximum force/load pressure is 225,000 lb-f and its maximum payload is 5,000 lb. (2,268 kg), which enables it to test everything from passenger cars to fully equipped truck cabins.

Our expertise with Body-in-White includes conducting simulated oblique tests, utilizing advanced dummies – such as THOR Mod Kit with SD-3 shoulders and LX Legs.



Customers that call upon Calspan’s expertise in Body-in-White testing receive numerous benefits, including:

  • Our ability to provide crashworthiness data that is consistent, repeatable and reproducible.
  • An expert team who is recognized industry wide for efficiency and flexibility.
  • Our access to the latest transducers and ruggedized data acquisition systems and high speed cameras.