Crash Testing

Motorcycle, Passenger Car, Light Duty Truck

Through physical destructive testing, an endless amount of high quality data can be instantly acquired to refine and validate simulation models to evaluate the performance of crashworthiness structures and occupant protection systems. These tests also verify that production variation does not affect performance.

For those looking for an independent and unbiased vehicle crash test laboratory to perform these crash tests, Calspan is North America’s preferred choice. Calspan offers a full complement of crash test services. It’s highly skilled staff works with its customers in a collaborative, flexible and responsive manner to meet even the most demanding program needs. Services that not only include tests to established standards but also to evolving and upcoming standards; some of which Calspan assisted in developing.

Calspan is uniquely positioned to test motorcycles, passenger cars and light trucks in its fully enclosed and highly secure test facility, which is equipped with premier test equipment provided by MESSRING. Calspan can test motorcycles that are either two or three-wheeled motorized vehicles, including motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, motor-powered bicycles, and three-wheel motorcycles. They can also crash test passenger cars including but not limited to sedans, coupes, minivans, sport utility vehicles, super sport / exotic sport cars and trucks. Vehicles powered by gasoline, diesel, battery, compressed natural gas (CNG) and comprised of various materials including high strength steel, aluminum, plastics, composites and carbon filter.