Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


To support the evolving needs of the Crash Avoidance market, Calspan has formed strategic partnerships with the industry’s foremost experts to position ourselves on the cutting edge of crash avoidance testing in the U.S. This emerging area is commonly referred to as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Crash Avoidance, and Active Safety.


Calspan is well-connected in the industry and is working with advanced driver assistance system experts around the world to help customers stay informed of the latest crash avoidance protocols, whether NHTSA, IIHS, or Euro NCAP. In emerging areas like this one, we are leaders, not followers.


Calspan customers that engage our expertise in the area of Crash Avoidance Testing receive innumerable benefits, including our ability to:
  • Ensure they are on the ground floor when new developments in testing occur in this emerging area.
  • Conduct tests to the latest test protocols as well as those under development.
  • Positively contribute to support the growing needs of the Active Safety market whether it be related to regulations, test protocols, human factors, training and communications (Vehicle-2 Vehicle, Vehicle-2-Infrastructure, Vehicle-2-Everything).