EU / ECE Type Approval

To sell vehicles in Europe, EU / ECE type approval is a mandatory requirement for vehicle manufacturers to ensure that their products comply with EU / ECE regulations. At one-time this was a time intensive and expense process, because vehicles had to be shipped to Europe for testing. Fortunately, today there is a more efficient process, whereby these tests can be conducted at Calspan.  

For these tests, a European Technical Service organization designated by an approval authority of member state witnesses (either remotely or in person) Calspan setting up and executing a crash test.  Within this designation, the European Technical Service provider acts as a conformity assessment body to carry out the initial assessment and other tests or inspections on behalf of the approval authority.

Common test modes conducted at Calspan:

  • ECE UN R137: 50 km/h Flat Frontal with a HIII 50th and a HIII 5th
  • ECE UN R94: 56 km/h 40% ODB with two HIII 50ths
  • ECE UN R135: 32 km/h Side Pole with a WorldSID 50th (IR-TRACC)
  • ECE UN R95: 50 km/h Side MDB with a ES-2