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Calspan’s product development testing allows companies to create and deploy product-testing plans faster, with more accuracy, and with higher quality. We provide customers an unprecedented ability to gather accurate data faster, with facility features designed specifically to aid in the development of new products.

With greater flexibility in testing procedures and schedules, Calspan provides faster turn-around time on tests while providing more meaningful and cost-efficient data. Meaningful data allows component and vehicle manufacturers more clarity in the decision making process, which means less testing is required.

Calspan’s experience in crash testing for product development covers the following areas:

Benchmarking and Component Testing: During any stage of development, you can see how your product is stacking up to requirements and regulations.

Vehicle Prototyping: When designing and fabricating test vehicles the quality of data delivered is more important than any other stage. We work with customers to develop and test for a wide variety of customized needs.

Pre-Production Verification: Before submitting a vehicle for certification, see how your test will perform – by the people responsible for performing the certification tests.


Calspan owns and uses the most advanced instrumentation available for crash testing, including THOR and WorldSID ATDs. Our equipment is geared to the future, and remains compliant with suggested changes to future regulations.

  • We deliver the data in any format requested by the customer
  • Faster car-to-market speeds than competitors
  • A faster turn-around-time with higher levels of quality
  • Knowledge and experience sharing to align goals to testing procedures



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