Full Vehicle Crash & Sled Test Facility


Calspan offers both sled and full vehicle crash testing to assist the automotive industry with the development of primary and secondary restraint systems like seat belts, airbags, airbag sensors and the associated software algorithms. This includes Body-in-White testing on a sled and vehicle crash testing to confirm or validate a system’s performance.

When multiple test iterations are required in order to down select to a preferred design, Body-in-White testing is conducted. As an example, a vehicle buck with 4000 lb. (1814.4 kg) vehicle buck mounted onto Calspan’s sled carriage can consistently achieve a predetermined pulse to achieve G-force of 42 G’s to simulate the effects of a collision (maximum G-force is dependent on payload and pulse shape). After each test run, typically airbags, seat belt retractors and seats are changed out and airbag firing times are refined.

For vehicle crash testing, one of our two crash test laboratories is employed. For these tests a test vehicle would be prepared in line with a customer’s test request and the associated crash test would be executed.

Customers that engage Calspan’s expertise in the area of Sensor Development receive multiple benefits, including our ability to:

  • Work in collaboration, be flexible and accommodating.
  • Conduct both sled and vehicle crash tests at the same test facility.
  • Have those with expertise in vehicle crash testing involved with sled testing
  • Work diligently to overcome any obstacle, regardless of the challenge including those related to last minute needs for testing, part availability or technical challenges associated with the product).
  • Provide quality data in a timely fashion.